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If you have a question related to your Surest plan and/or coverage benefits, you can download the Surest app, log in to or call your Surest Member Services number, listed on the back of your Surest member ID card.



Understanding health insurance: Common questions.

What is the Surest health plan?
Surest is an employer-sponsored health plan that gives members the tools to see cost and coverage information before the point of care. Members receive quality medical coverage with access to the broad, national UnitedHealthcare and Optum Behavioral Health networks.
How does the Surest health plan work?
Surest was designed to give members power over their health experience. There is no deductible, no coinsurance, and no cost-shifting. Instead, members search on the app or website, see what they'll owe in advance, compare options within the national UnitedHealthcare provider network, then decide. With this information, they can plan ahead and choose what works best.
What does the Surest plan provide coverage for?
In-network preventive care • primary and specialty care • urgent, emergency, and hospital care • chronic care for long-term and recurring illnesses • pharmacy • mental and behavioral health services • maternity care • cancer care • substance use disorder • and more
Where is the plan offered?
Surest is an ACA-compliant health plan for employers with 51+ employees. It’s offered through employers in 49 states, excluding Hawaii.
How does this work with other health insurance?
If you have other insurance, call us at 866-683-6440 M - F from 6 am to 9 pm CT to discuss how the plan works with that coverage. Each insurance plan has its own design, and we can help you understand how the two plans might work together.


Is it true I don’t have a deductible? Or coinsurance?
With the Surest plan, there’s no fog around health care costs and what’s owed. There’s no deductible and no coinsurance. Members have coverage from day one.
Is this plan compatible with health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), health savings accounts (HSAs), and flexible spending accounts (FSAs)?
Yes, you can submit expenses to your HRA and FSA for reimbursement. Because the Surest plan is not a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) — a requirement of contributing to an HSA — Surest members are not eligible to contribute to an HSA. They can, however, keep using funds in an HSA accumulated while on another plan.
I can’t find my condition, treatment, or provider using the Surest app or website. Does that mean it isn’t covered?
Not necessarily. Surest Member Services is available through chat, secure web form, or by calling 866-683-6440 M - F from 6 am to 9 pm CT.
Does the Surest plan cover pre-existing conditions?
Yes. A pre-existing condition is a health problem diagnosed or treated before your health insurance plan goes into effect. Common pre-existing conditions include high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and asthma.
If I was previously on a different health insurance plan and switched to the Surest plan, do I need new prior authorization for medical care or prescriptions?
Probably, yes. Unfortunately, we are not able to transfer your existing prior authorization. We encourage you to fill prescriptions before the end of the plan year to allow time for your provider to submit a new prior authorization. Once you receive your Surest member ID card, call the number on the back to discuss prior authorizations. We recommend that you show your provider your new insurance ID card. Providers can call our pre-certification line to initiate a new request.
Is my provider or pharmacy in-network?
The Surest health plan accesses the broad, national UnitedHealthcare and Optum Behavioral Health networks — one of the biggest networks of doctors, hospitals, and clinics in the country.
Can I keep my same primary care doctor? Am I required to have a primary care provider?
You’ll likely be able to keep your doctor, although you’re not required to designate a primary doctor with the Surest health plan. Use our search tool in the app or website to find in-network doctors who meet your needs. You can also call Surest Member Services.

A provider who is not in-network may result in higher out-of-pocket costs. (Out-of-network prices tend to be higher than staying in-network.)

Do I need a referral to see a specialist?
No specialist referrals are needed.
What happens if my provider is out-of-network?
Compared to staying in-network, treatment from out-of-network providers may cost members more due to often higher out-of-network prices. It’s worth pointing out that some Surest plans don’t include any out-of-network coverage for services. Use our search tool in the app or website before making an appointment.
Can I access the Surest plan from my cell phone?
Absolutely! We designed the digital Surest plan experience to fit your lifestyle. Download the Surest app, activate your account, then start searching.
Are my dependents covered if they live in different state than I do?
With the Surest plan, part of the appeal is how easy it is to use. If your dependent lives in another state or is traveling, they can change the search by zip code and find out who is in-network. Virtual care is an option, too.
How does this affect people who are already sick and in need of insurance?
Our plan was designed to give people with multiple care needs the same or greater financial protection as they would receive under a traditional health plan. Even better, members can see prices before making appointments, so they can budget and plan ahead.
How does this work with other health insurance?
If you have other existing insurance, call us to discuss how the Surest plan works with that coverage. Each insurance plan has its own design, and we can help you understand how the two plans might work together.


How are prices determined?
Prices (copays) are lower for providers evaluated as higher-value, based on quality, efficiency, and overall effectiveness of care. When you check prices before seeking or scheduling care — you have the power to potentially save money.
What medications are covered and how much do they cost?
Use the Surest app or website to check cost information in your plan’s formulary.
Does the Surest plan have an out-of-pocket limit? What does it include?
Yes, the Surest plan has an out-of-pocket limit that can provide a safety net. Prices (copays) for in-network covered services, including routine care, inpatient, outpatient, etc., count toward your out-of-pocket limit. Monthly premiums and out-of-network expenses do not count toward out-of-pocket limits.
Is there an out-of-pocket limit if I choose out-of-network providers?
Yes. Prices covered for out-of-network services count toward your out-of-network, out-of-pocket limit, separate from your in-network, out-of-pocket limit.
What happens if I reach my out-of-pocket limit?
Your out-of-pocket limit is the most money you’ll pay in a given plan year for the health care benefits your plan covers. If you hit this number, your insurance company picks up the cost for covered services the remainder of the year, presuming you stay in-network.

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