Finding a long-term approach to health care benefits.

The Surest health plan helps brokers offer clients affordable, quality health care benefits year over year.

As an employee benefits consultant for a large tech-forward brokerage, Paul Martinez—recognized as a 2024 Risk & Insurance “Power Broker”—is constantly looking for creative solutions that break the status quo.

The Surest health plan fits the bill.

Not only is the plan a “modern experience,” he says, but it provides “amazing transparency of where you can access affordable, good quality care.”


<00:00:06> The best part of my job is seeing our clients as well as their employees, really excited about the work that we've done in improving the overall healthcare experience.

<00:00:17> I am an employee benefits, total rewards consultant, so companies hire me and my team in order to help optimize their total rewards package, specifically within the employee benefits area.

<00:00:29> Surest is a great fit because it's, it's a modern experience when it comes to your healthcare, and it gives amazing transparency of where you can access affordable care but still have good quality care.

<00:00:41> Because our, in our healthcare system, there's no correlation between cost and quality. And I think that Surest has found a way to align those, uh, for the members. We looked at, the members currently enrolled in insures, and we've looked at the actual claim costs that they've, they've had for the period under Surest compared that to what their claim cost was prior.

<00:01:03> And you can actually see a change, it's basically stayed flat, which trend is, call it seven, 8%. So, you would naturally think that the cost would go up at, at that level.

<00:01:14> Um, and it, and it really hasn't, but I think it's the only sustainable way for employers to continue to offer the level of benefits they're doing today long term. And that's really cool. So, I, I'd love to, to try it myself.

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