NYC media company gives employees the power to choose.

Employer opts for the Surest health plan because it offers health care choice and cost clarity to employees.


<00:00:02> At Horizon, our motto is, business is personal. And we take that all the way down to the employee. And so, when we're introducing a new care option for our employees, we do it carefully.

<00:00:14> The idea of driving our traffic for healthcare through an app was intriguing. We've never seen an app like that. A lot of times you have no idea how much things are gonna cost you.

<00:00:25> They said the app is really transparent, it's really easy to understand, and they like the ability to choose where they want to go. It's all about transparency. I don't know who doesn't wanna know how much it's gonna cost them before they show up at a doctor's office.

<00:00:39> My initial reaction to Surest, it was too good to be true. If I'm being honest. It seemed like it had everything the core plan had to offer our normal EPO core plan.However, it, it came at almost half the cost. I think the question we kept asking ourselves was, how is this different from the core plan?

<00:00:57> It seems like it's exactly the same. How are they able to manifest these savings? And then Paul, our broker, explained the magic and the sauces really through the decision making of the employee.

<00:01:08> Employees are seeing, Hey, I can pay for the same service, $300 here, $600 here, or $1,200 here. And they'd rather pay $300. If you can present to employees transparently how much the cost of care is if, if they make certain decisions, the employee's gonna wanna save money.

<00:01:26> And because of that, we all save.I'm a member of Surest myself and I was paying an arm and a leg for my insurance program, and I looked at the app, I made sure all my doctors were in network and I made the change, and I haven't looked back. If I were to tell a family member about Surest, I would tell them that I found this great medical plan that's actually saving me money, saving the company money, and providing the same quality of care they can get anywhere else.

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