Access to affordable mental health care helps father of two find balance.

Surest helps Ambi find support for his own well-being and the care he needs for his twin boys, one with autism.


<00:11> I feel like Surest helped me gain control over my stress levels. I find myself more balanced.

<00:20> I have twins, Akhil and Nikhil, and both of them are 11. Nikhil has been diagnosed with autism, but he's extremely smart. He's nonverbal, so he can't really form sentences.

[Text On Screen – Ambi Sundararajan, IT Director, Automation Development]

<00:35> So it's always important to not get angry, be very patient, and try to get a feel for what the kid wants.

<00:46> I normally go for counseling and therapy, being a special needs parent. Therapy has definitely helped a lot and Surest has made it affordable. For me, the key to being calm is, no matter what happens, it's for the good. Overall, I feel like my families in good hands with Surest. I went to the urgent care, and I had to have both kids checked out, and I paid $20.

<01:15> I'm like ah. Right there I saved like 130 bucks, and I got the same level of service. For that 130 bucks, I can buy a toy or a gift for my kids or myself. I can get a massage for myself. That was an aha moment for me.

<01:35> I'm pretty happy with Surest, not just for the low cost, but also for the level of services. I think of Surest as a technology product.

<01:46> Being a developer myself, I am amazed with their product, the app. They're actually putting people in mind when they designed the app. Coming from the technology environment, Surest was like sweet candy compared to the other grouches.

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