Health plan peace of mind—hear Lakesha’s Surest story about her cancer experience.

Lakesha has worked in health insurance twenty years, so she knows “what a good health insurance plan looks like.” She chose Surest and received a cancer diagnosis soon after. Hear how her Surest plan came through for her during the time she most needed it. From clear answers to no surprises, Lakesha’s story tells how health insurance is supposed to work.


<00:00:04> I think having the ability to plan my care was a key factor in providing peace of mind for what was to come.

<00:00:15> I am Lakesha Wise and I live in Blythewood, South Carolina.

<00:00:20> I am a breast cancer survivor.

<00:00:23> In February of 2019, I had my regularly scheduled mammogram. They noticed some irregularities, so I elected to have the bilateral mastectomy with deep flap reconstruction.

<00:00:39> Surest was the reason why I feel confident in what I see in the mirror. I am in a place of gratitude.

<00:00:54> If I didn't have Surest, I would not have had my revision surgeries because it would have been too financially overwhelming.

<00:01:04> The plan saved me money because I knew exactly what to expect.

<00:01:10> Any other plan, I would have been waiting to be billed.

<00:01:17> So just knowing that ahead of time,this is what I need to pay, this is what I need to prepare for, and that's it.

<00:01:26> The peace of mind that I got from that was just priceless.

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