How a warehouse sanitation worker used his Surest app to save money on 3 medical procedures

Learn how a warehouse sanitation employee used the Surest app to search options for medical procedures and found multiple prices for the same services. With price visibility and choices, he saved a lot of money.


<00:01> Surest gives me peace of mind because I know I won't have a huge bill. They told me that I could look up stuff, see how much it would cost me, and I loved it.

<00:12> I'm Freeman Beachy. I'm a sanitation worker at Kroger Distribution in Columbus, Ohio.

[Text On Screen – Freeman Beachy, Kroger Distribution Center Sanitation Worker]

<00:17> Basically, what I do is clean up after everybody else.

<00:22> I take my set up and I go around picking up plastic, paper, cardboard, and wood chips. I'm working in 4 degrees below zero to 24 degrees below zero.

<00:33> When I first downloaded the Surest app and then push the button and started looking and I said, wow. I mean, it gave you the prices, rather than waiting for the bill. It told you how much you were going to pay up front. Nobody else does that.

<00:51> The best part about Surest is the search function. Because you cannot do that with anybody else, period.

<00:58> I didn't buy Surest for myself. I bought it for Irma, because she has some expensive stuff that she needs done. My wife used to have osteoporosis, but she gets a prolio shot twice a year.

<01:10> Used to cost us $1,400 out of pocket, twice a year. Surest, it costs us $400, twice a year. That's $2,000 less. It's just so much different than anybody else. I wish they had had it 15 years ago.

<01:26> Would have saved me a ton of money. If my company would not offer Surest, I would say, you still want me here? Because that's the best. I mean, why go with something else once you've had the best? The big a-ha moment for me was I know what I'm going to pay. I never did it before. Never. And that's why I hate insurance. Except for Surest.

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