Lumen cuts health care costs with plan to help employees manage spending and optimize use of quality care

Employees save 52% in out-of-pocket expenses and Lumen reduces costs

Multinational technology company
Registered employees
Joined Surest

The Challenge

Lumen wanted a technology-powered health plan to enable employees to find health care solutions and help attract and retain employees. They needed a plan that helps employees live healthier and manage their health care costs. Controlling and reducing costs for employees and the company while providing a high-quality benefit was a key goal.

The Solution

With a mission to empower people through technology, Lumen looked at the Surest app-driven health plan as a state-of-the-art benefit that aligned with their goals. They liked that the Surest plan improves employees’ health journeys by providing care choices and influencing smart consumer behavior toward high-value, quality care. Recognizing the Surest plan as a solution for their employees’ health and financial wellbeing, while reducing company costs, Lumen chose the Surest plan.

The Outcome

Employer impact

  • 11% lower cost per member, per month for members who joined the Surest plan in 20201
  • 16% lower cost per member, per month for members who joined the Surest plan in 20211
  • 18% lower emergency department use 3
  • 17% higher utilization of primary care physicians 3
  • 46% greater use of physical therapy 3
  • 31% lower outpatient surgery facility utilization — 43% lower cost 3
  • 18% higher ambulatory surgery center rates — 53% lower cost 3
  • 18% lower maternity facility delivery costs 3

Employee impact

Lumen employees/families engage, save, and benefit:

  • 52% lower out-of-pocket spend on the Surest plan compared to traditional plans2
  • 89% of households with a claim interacted with Surest via the app or Surest Member Services
  • 62% of Lumen members say the Surest plan has made them healthier

“Lumen has not increased our out-of-pocket health insurance costs in five years, and our Surest partnership has been a key contributor to that achievement. During those same five years, we’ve added improved technology, additional quality benefits and greater control over health care costs and care, accomplishments that demonstrate our commitment to retaining and attracting employees to our company.”

-Marina Pearson, Vice President, Benefits and Policy — Lumen

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1. 2020 and 2021 medical costs for Surest Lumen members relative to a cohort of non-Surest members matched on age, gender, baseline medical spend, and geography.
2. Surest medical and pharmacy claims compared to a large commercially insured national dataset matched by gender, age, urbanicity and zip code.

3. 2021 medical claim risk-adjusted commercial benchmarks risk adjusted by age, gender, clinical risk and geography.