See how powerful simple can be.

Surest redesigned health insurance to give employers a sustainable, intuitive health benefit, without shifting costs to employees. A plan where employees see costs in advance, can access the large, national UnitedHealthcare network of providers, and find care they need without the burden of deductibles. It’s a benefit that actually benefits the people who use it.

What are your benefit goals?

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With the Surest health plan, members can see prices for health services in advance, then search, compare and choose what works best for their health, family, and budget. There’s no deductible to meet and no coinsurance to calculate. Employers saved up to 15%1 (without cost shifting) and members had 46% lower out-of-pocket costs2.

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Choice and flexibility?

Today’s competitive job market means employers have to get creative to attract and retain talent. That includes offering health benefits that prioritize affordability, choice, flexibility and employee well-being, all while helping control costs. Results show the plan works: Nine out of 10 Surest health plan members renew each year3, and eight out of 10 members would be disappointed if Surest was no longer offered by their employer4.

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Expanded telehealth and virtual health offerings?

Surest members used virtual visits 10 times more than benchmarks5. As members search for health services on the Surest app, virtual care is typically listed first, with copays sometimes as low as $0. The Surest virtual health network typically offers convenient provider and treatment alternatives that may improve health outcomes, lower costs and are more convenient and person-centered.

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Improve employee understanding of the cost and value of their benefit programs?

The Surest health plan is designed to be easy to use and understand, with no deductible to meet or coinsurance to calculate. Instead, members see costs in advance, compare care options in the broad, national UnitedHealthcare network, then decide.

See a better benefit. Reach out to your Surest or UnitedHealthcare representative.

The Surest health plan is currently only available through employers. If you are a current member or an individual considering the Surest plan, please contact us.

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