A health plan that shows prices in advance.

Surest health plan members can access the large, national UnitedHealthcare network to check costs and compare options before making an appointment. No deductibles to meet. No coinsurance to figure out. Just clear, upfront prices.

It’s health insurance worth talking about.

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A clearly smarter health plan.

Surest members can easily check and compare costs for doctors, procedures, and treatments before making an appointment. Watch the demo to see how it works.


“We've had reductions in paid claims and member out-of-pocket costs. We're thrilled we can offer a plan option that doesn’t shift costs to employees and actually helps them save money and Medtronic save money.”

Amy Johnson, Benefit Leader

— Medtronic

See why we’re UnitedHealthcare’s fastest growing health plan.

The Surest health plan is currently only available through employers. If you are a current member or an individual considering the Surest plan, please contact us.