How prices work with the Surest plan

With the Surest plan, check prices and compare care options before making an appointment. See what you'll owe in advance.

Search and compare prices

Surest plan features:

  • No deductibles or coinsurance. A health benefit that starts working from day one.
  • Lower prices for doctors that indicate higher-quality care and outcomes.
  • See costs up front, before making an appointment.
  • You're in control. Choose the doctor, treatment or procedure that works best for your health, your budget and your lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for the Surest plan?
You pay for your Surest plan through a paycheck deduction, or premium, which is the amount you pay to keep your insurance active and provide you with coverage. Regardless of how often (or how little) you use your plan, this is a fixed amount during your plan year.
How much do I pay for the care I receive?
Providers charge different amounts. With the Surest plan, you may pay less for doctors with lower direct costs, lower complications and proven effectiveness. Search in the app or website for costs and coverage.
What medications are covered and how much do they cost?
Use our search tool to determine cost and coverage information for medications and see savings opportunities among pharmacy locations.
Does the Surest plan have an out-of-pocket limit? What does it include?
Yes, the Surest plan has an out-of-pocket limit. Prices (sometimes referred to as copays in other plans) for in-network covered services, including routine care, inpatient, outpatient, etc., count toward your out-of-pocket limit. Paycheck deductions and non-covered services costs do not count toward your out-of-pocket limit.
Is there an out-of-pocket limit if I choose out-of-network providers?
Yes. Costs for out-of-network services do count toward your out-of-network, out-of-pocket limit. This is separate from your in-network, out-of-pocket limit.
What happens if I reach my out-of-pocket limit?
Your out-of-pocket limit is the most money you’ll pay in a given year for the health care benefits your health plan covers. Once you hit this number, your insurance company picks up the tab for covered services the remainder of the year, presuming you stay in-network. (Monthly premiums and out-of-network expenses don’t count toward out-of-pocket limits.)