See how powerful simple can be.

Businesses are competing for workers. Is your current health benefit helping you stand out from the competition?

Surest, a UnitedHealthcare company, offers an ACA-compliant employer-sponsored health plan solution to employers with 51+ employees. Surest works like a health benefit was intended to work. With no deductibles or coinsurance, Surest delivers more value to employers and employees.

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With the Surest plan, you can offer a benefit that has the potential to attract new hires, retain top employees and meet the needs of a diverse workforce … all while offering what you’d expect from a health insurance plan:

Open more doors with a plan that employees understand, like and use wisely.

8 out of 10 Surest members

said they would be “disappointed” if their employer no longer offered the Surest plan.

8 out of 10 people

More opportunities to save

Know costs in advance.

Employees can check and compare costs for doctors, procedures and treatments before making an appointment. They see price tags for health services—from a sore throat to delivering a baby. No surprise bills.

A different design brings positive results

Results show the Surest Plan works
When it comes to your employees health, you also want quality. With the Surest plan, high-value doctors—those who not only help people get better, but keep them there—may actually cost less.
Out-of-pocket limit
With this price visibility, employees can shop and choose differently. Different choices can lead to improved behavioral changes and health outcomes.

Ready to take the next step?

Employers want a health plan that fits their business and their budget. Employees want coverage from day one, clear costs, a wide network and opportunities to save. Surest is a win-win health plan solution.

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