How to submit claims and check claim status.

All claims should be routed to Surest, following the instructions on the member ID card. Please include the Subscriber ID on all claims.

Electronic claims to: 25463

Paper claims to: Surest, PO Box 211758, Eagan, MN 55121

Please ensure that all claims for Surest members are sent to the payer ID or address on the member card. Claims sent elsewhere are denied, and provider services will have no record of these claims.

Check claims status.

Visit or call the Surest provider services line at 844-368-6661 to check claim status.

Avoid claim denials.

One of the most common billing errors is easy to correct—inaccurate payer ID or mailing address for paper claims. If claims are submitted with another UnitedHealthcare payer ID (other than Surest), UnitedHealthcare will deny those claims. We don’t want this to happen to you, so please make sure to use payer ID 25463 and double-check the mailing address.

Always refer to the member’s ID card for the most accurate information on claims processing. If you have questions about how this information should be loaded into your system, please contact us using the form below.

To determine if claims for Surest members were misdirected or denied, please reach out to your UnitedHealthcare/Optum advocate, or by submitting the form below. For help with member-specific eligibility, benefit, or claims questions, please call 844-368-6661.

Other ways to avoid delays and frustrations with misdirected claims.

You may submit claims to Surest (365-day timely filing) electronically at Surest payer ID 25463 or by mail to: PO Box 211758, Eagan, MN 55121

After a claim has been submitted, quickly check claims status on or call 844-368-6661 to speak with a specially trained Surest Provider Services representative.

For details on how to file an appeal, click here.

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